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Like Charli D'Amelio's TikTok videos, such rolls as California or Philly have won the hearts of millions of sushi lovers around the world. But what if your taste is too unique for all these millions to choose for you? With Bubble Maki, you are free to push the boundaries of taste and create your own sushi roll in Chicago, IL. Who else but you know what your “rock-star” roll should be?

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Step 1

Choose main

Smoked Salmon

Step 2

Choose up to 3 fillings

No filling
Pickled Carrots
Pickled Red Onions
Pickled Asparagus
Raw Red Onions
Mango Salsa
Cream Cheese

Step 3

Choose your sauce

No sauce
Sriracha Aioli
Extra Hot Sriracha Aioli
Wasabi Aioli
Red Chili Sauce
Ginger Soy Vinaigrette
Citrus Ponzu
Shoyu Soy Sauce
Avocado Fusion
Kung Pao
Sesame Sauce

These items are prepared to order. Consuming raw seafood or shellfish, may increase your risk of foodborne illness. Please alert us to any allergies or dietary requirements.

How to build your special sushi roll?

When ordering custom sushi rolls in Chicago from Bubble Maki, remember: your yummy- your rules! So feel free to:

Give free rein to your creative mind and listen to what rings the bell in your stomach.

Turn one of the classic rolls upside down: remove the "not-for-me" ingredients and add those that make you happy.

Come up with a brand new combo that even the chefs in the best world restaurants did not think of (yes, yes, we believe in you sooooooo much)

Imagine that you prepare homemade sushi in your kitchen and not fret about "ummm, is it the right combination?" "what will others think?" Who cares? We love everything that you love and want to embody even your craziest ideas.

Experiment with your delicious snack every time you have the inspiration and the mood for "something special."

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You choose, we make it happen