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Like Kardashians and the tabloids, a hearty snack and delicious drink go hand in hand. We took this on board when creating our "pinky-swear-world-best-menu" for you. So every time your stomach says, "Dude, I'm too empty" you can please it not only with amazing sushi but also with a damn tasty bubble tea from Bubble Maki, the most stomach-friendly delivery and takeout in CH, Illinois.

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Bubble Tea vs Other Sweet Drinks

OK, OK, we know that juice, cola, lemonade and so on have already taken their places in your heart. But let's figure out why to order a bubble tea in Chicago and why this yummy can join (or even lead?) this bunch.

Black and green tea contains caffeine, which turns this drink into an energy bomb. So savoring bubble tea (you can call it just boba) for breakfast or lunch, you get the strength to take on the world.

Boba includes fruit syrups such as mango or strawberry. These treats in turn contain sugar that activates the pleasure center in the brain and produce a feeling of euphoria. Thus, a good mood for the whole day is guaranteed.

This drink with bubbles can be healthy. And it's not just the vitamins that tea, milk cream, and even sugar contain. Among all the flavors, there is matcha bubble tea, the champion in low sugar and calories content. This means that if you are in a healthy mood, the best bubble tea in Chicago still fits into it.

Bubble tea is just fun. Is it possible to drive tapioca balls in a glass when you are drinking cola or lemonade? Of course not! And this, by the way, is a very bingeworthy action, believe us!

Soooooo, do you already like bubble tea as much as we do? NO? Then urgently order boba tea in Chicago from Bubble Maki and let the avalanche of love cover you completely!!!