Sushi and Bubble Tea Delivery & Takeout in Chicago, IL

You choose, we make it happen

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Bubble Maki Sushi Platters

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any 8 rolls (80 pieces)


any signature roll + any bubble tea

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Order now, sign up for our loyalty program, and get 25 points. Why? Because we already love you for choosing us.

Still think being unique and changing your mind faster than the weather is bad? Come on! We think it's amazing that every person on the planet is different and has their own taste and opinion. And yeah, both can change as many times per day as TikTok trends.

Express yourself and adjust your meal for your mood with Bubble Maki


Listen to your heart (or stomach?) at the very moment and create your own sushi roll.


Then choose the right Bubble Tea to make your mood even better.


We, in turn, prepare everything with love and fresh ingredients to make every single meal perfect for you!

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You choose, we make it happen


... that's what we want to be for you in the near future. Yes, friend, we crave to make you fall in love with our food. And yes, we want to become exactly that Chicago sushi delivery and takeout near you that you remember every time you want to enjoy tasty, healthy, and inexpensive food. So what is Bubble Maki about?

Delicious Sushi

Hmmm... something less popular than pizza and burgers, isn't it? But we have come to change that! Our sushi rolls rule because:

All fish that we add to sushi is pre-frozen to kill parasites. Therefore, if the thought that you are eating raw fish scares you - relax! Your health and safety comes first for us.

Fish contains vitamin D and omega-3 fats, which reduce the risk of heart disease. Its consumption 1-2 times a week is even recommended by The World Health Organization. So the taste doesn't go against the health benefits thanks to Bubble Maki.

Sushi takes care of your mental health. Stunned? And yet it's a fact. Thanks to vitamin B12, it is easier for your brain to relax, which prevents anxiety and depression. So when you eat sushi, you make not only your stomach happy but also your brain.


Refreshing Bubble Tea

OK, first of all it's soooo instagrammy. A bright tea-based drink with delicious tapioca balls inside, as if created to collect likes. But this is certainly not the only reason why it took our heart and will take yours.

This is a real anti-stress in a glass with a straw! It relieves muscle tension and simply improves your mood. A great bonus to taste.

Green, black, and white teas contain caffeine, which in turn provides a significant boost of energy. Thus, by including bubble tea in your meal, you get +100 to strength and can easily cope with your to-do list for the day.

Cloud Maki - Special 100% Plant-Based Menu

We think of our sushi food delivery in Chicago as a place where there is a yummy for everyone. Whether you try to live a more sustainable life or plant-based foods just fit your mood today, Cloud Maki won't leave you hungry. Want to learn more?

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You choose, we make it happen

About our Goals, Beliefs, and Mission

We love and care about people and our planet. We respect freedom, creativity, and the uniqueness of every person and never judge. We believe that there should be no boundaries and prejudice, and the best thing that the world gives us today is the possibility to explore and learn about each other, different cultures and, obviously, fooooood! Thus, not being Asians ourselves, we've decided that there are not enough awesome sushi rolls and bubble teas in people's lives and opened Bubble Maki.
We've created our menu to make you satisfied whether you want something healthy for lunch, or something fancy for your at-home fine dining dinner, want a special treat for yourself or to just quickly grab yummy snacks for a movie party with all your friends, to eat well-known classical sushi rolls or to make your own unique combinations.
Our mission is to make healthy and fresh meals as fast as junk food, as affordable as a regular snack on campus, and as delicious as the pizza you might have in your fridge right now. OK, let's be honest, we hope that you will like our cool sushi even more than pizza… and burgers… and whatever else you now like more. And sushi will conquer the whole country… and the whole planet… and the whole universe... OK, we probably need to stop here. Thank you, we love you, peace!